Japanese Graded Reader: レベル別日本語多読ライブラリーレベル3 vol. 1

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29 pages
Interesting, kept my attention, nice little twists to keep the reader interested.

30 pages
Slightly more complicated Japanese, but keeps you on the edge of your seat.

30 pages
Easy to understand, with some interesting vocabulary, but feels a little too formal at times.

この人だあれ? ~お札の話~
29 pages
A little boring, with a decent amount of new words but also containing decent explanations of those words. Cool to know the story of each person on money here, but probably won’t be a favorite of those who don’t like non-fiction.

31 pages
The most difficult of the box set. Still easy to understand, and easily the most interesting to me.

I think this set of Japanese graded readers will be good for anyone of an N4 to N3 level. Anyone above will find it too easy and formal. The accompanying audio will make for good listening material. At times you may wish there were less furigana, but it will be welcome to those who struggle with kanji. Finally, I always found that complicated words had a good Japanese explanation, or an accompanying picture.
While I can’t give this volume a 5 star rating, I do recommend it.

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