Japanese Graded Reader: レベル別日本語多読ライブラリーレベル3 vol. 3

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幸せな王子 ~The Happy Prince~
30 pages
I didn’t realize this was an Oscar Wilde story when I first read it. Very touching. Simple grammar and vocabulary, but decent practice.

アラジンと魔法のランプ ~「アラビアン・ナイト」より~
31 pages
I don’t like the Aladdin character in this version of the story very much. He’s kind of a jerk. With that said, it was a fairly straight forward, not boring, and easy to understand.

30 Pages
This little, while you can see the end coming from page one, it a bit creepy. It will keep you a bit on the edge of your seat. Slightly more difficult grammar, but easy enough.

29 pages
Some people may find this interesting, but I had a hard time staying interested in this book. I only finished it because it was good practice. Simple enough vocabulary and grammar.

31 Pages
A very interesting and informative read. More difficult vocabulary, but definitely recommended for those of you living in Japan.


I found this set of Japanese graded readers to be less interesting than volume 2, but it is not a waste of money. I got enough use out of it to make it worth the purchase.

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