Japanese Manga – 岳(Gaku) 1 through 18

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Japanese Reading Level 4
Manga Series
Reviewer’s Japanese Level: Middle to Upper Intermediate
Furigana: Little or none
Price Range: $6-10
Pages: 200+ each

My high rating of this series may be a little biased, as I love climbing mountains. Therefore I find the subject material of Gaku to be fascinating. At my level I found getting through the first 8 or so volumes (still reading them) to be pretty straight forward, though a little time consuming. There are definitely a lot of words and readings to look up, but at an intermediate level, even without looking everything up you can definitely get the basic idea of each story. I don’t recommend Gaku for anyone below an intermediate level, as I feel the lack of furigana and the heavy material will probably be a bit frustrating. For anyone who can handle the material though, I highly recommend these!

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